"Education is not a subject, and does not deal in subjects. It is instead a transfer of a way of life."

—G.K. Chesterton

Our Mission


We aim to diligently teach each student, in accordance with the Scriptures, to love the Lord our God with all his heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to love his neighbor.
We aim to bring up well-equipped, courageous students who are kingdom builders and culture influencers that possess depth and wisdom with virtue—arrows to be sent out. 
We aim to cultivate these same qualities in like-minded staff and in the parents of our students that we may see our families, churches, and communities transformed by the power of God and brought into fellowship with Him and with one another.

Marks of Successful Graduates

• Sound Faith and Sound Reason
• A love and appreciation of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
• A masterful command of language
• Literacy with broad exposure to books
• Well-rounded competence

Crede ut intelligas.

Credo ut intelligam.

Our Latin motto is a marriage of maxims. The first statement from Augustine of Hippo, “Crede ut intelligas” means “believe so that you may understand.” The second from Anselm of Canterbury, “Credo ut intelligam” means “I believe so that I may understand.” It will generally be drilled in a call and response form with the leader calling, “Crede ut intelligas” and the students responding, “Credo ut intelligam.”